Serum Erythros


-Targeted Serum-
Serum Erythros is a cocktail of 7 active ingredients objectively tested on sensitive skin Instant. Formulated to target vascular dilatation, inflammation and redness.

Active Ingredients:
Reducing Blood Flow Platform
– Black Crowberries Juice
– Red Microalgae Extract
– Complex of Arnica Flowers, Solomon’s Seal and Cypress Cones
Inhibiting Neovascularization Platform
– Plant Acid Extract (Rosemary, Coffee, Oak)
Soothing Platform
– White Tea Leaf Extract
– Vitamin B3
– Kudzu Extract

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30 ml

Recommended for: Skin Instant prone to Rosacea

Apply a few drops of Sérum Erythros to the area affected by Rosacea. This targeted serum should preferably be applied before the cream. Gently apply with the fingertips until complete absorption.

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