SkinPen®Precision is the first globally FDA approved microneedling device which is clinically proven to deliver visible results after just one treatment. SkinPen device creates controlled micro injuries that stimulate body’s natural wound healing response which initiates the release of natural growth factors to improve collagen formation and cellular tissue. This medical grade microneedling can effectively remodel the overall structure of the skin. SkinPen can be used on all areas of face and body and treat fine lines & wrinkles, Melasma, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, Rosacea, Acne scars, surgical or trauma scars, stretch marks.

Pre-Procedure Precautions

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure/burns at least 3 days prior to procedure.
  • Avoid shaving on the day of the treatment.
  • Discontinue use of topical retinoids 24 hours-72 hours prior to procedure. Retinols vary.
  • Wait 6 months following oral isotretinoin use.
  • Wait 2-4 weeks following Botox or any other injectables. Always consult with your practitioner.

Microneedling Aftercare

Post treatment the skin will be reddened, possibly a little ‘puffy’ and you may be aware of a little tenderness. You will also experience skin tightness and the skin may also ‘flake’ in the first few days.


  • Do use gentle, soothing and hydrating creams and serums only 24-48 hours post treatment.
  • Do keep out of the sun on the day of the treatment and for the following 24 hours also. Use sunscreen at least SPF 30 and keep of direct sun to maximise long term results.
  • Do use clean pillowcase and face towel.


  • Don’t touch the skin unnecessarily immediately post treatment, this will be important to avoid any post treatment infections.
  • Don’t apply makeup for 24 hours post treatment.
  • Don’t use harsh perfumed, astringent, AHA/BHA or alcohol containing products in the area for 24-48 hours post treatment.
  • Don’t go swimming or in chlorinated water for 4-5 days post treatment
  • Don’t engage in any heavy exercise session for 24-48 hours after treatment.
  • Don’t have any other clinical treatments for 1-4 weeks post treatment. Speak to your practitioner for exact advice on how best to combine other treatments you may be heaving or may want to start having.
  • Don’t shave or use any after-shave type products over the area that has been treated for 12-48 hours post treatment.
  • Don’t allow any pets to lick the area that has been treated – this is likely to lead to major infections