Patchs Defatigant


Patch Defatigant combine biocellulose medium, tailored shape and active ingredients suited for the thin and fragile eye contour area.

Active Ingredients:
Anti-puffiness platform
– Caffeine
– Anti-puffiness Dipeptides
Anti-wrinkle Platform
– Silk Tree Extract
– Cassava Extract
– Polysaccharides rich in fucose
Hydrating Platform
– Hyaluronic Acid
Anti-dark circles Platform
– Complex of Matrikines and Flavonoid

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1 pack of 2 Patches

Recommended for: Eye Contour with dark circles and puffiness

Open the pouch and separate Patches Defatigant from protecting film. Place the pre-soaked biocellulose patch on the upper and lower lids. Smooth it with your fingertips so it perfectly adheres to the skin. Repeat on the other eye. Leave for 15 minutes. Remove and perform gentle massage until the serum is completely absorbed.

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