Serum Liposmose has been specially formulated to target water and fatty under eye bags, as well as those formed by cutaneous ageing. It contains active ingredients with triple osmoregulatory, lipolytic and firming action, to help correct and protect the skin from external aggressions. Gradually the volume of puffiness is reduced, skin around the eyes is revitalised and the eye contour is smoothed.

Active Ingredients:
Anti-Water Bags Platform
– Rance Red Seaweed Extract
Anti-Fatty Bags Platform
– Lipolytic Tetrapeptide
Cutaneous Sagging Platform
– Cassava Extract
– Complex of Matrikines

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30 ml

Recommended for: Eye puffiness / Fatty under-eye bags / Cutaneous sagging

Application: Apply in the morning and/or evening, over the entire eye contour area, focussing on puffiness.
Gently tap with your fingertips, starting from the inside corner of the eye to facilitate microcirculation. Next, apply gentle pressure with your fingertip to stimulate better lymph flow.