Lotion P50W


Multi-functional product which purifies the skin, supports the natural exfoliating process, increases skin’s hydration levels, tones and rebalances the pH. Lotion P50W has been specifically formulated for reactive Skin Instant.

Active Ingredients:
Exfoliating platform
– AHAs
– Cider Vinegar
– Phytic Acid
– Sulfur
Purifying Platform
– Magnesium Chloride
– Horseradish Extract
– Niacinamide
– Burdock Extract
– Bark Extract
– Capsicum Extract
Soothing platform
– Arnica

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250 ml; also available in 150 ml

Recommended for: Normal skin Instant and/or Sensitive or Reactive.
Recommended for anyone who is introducing Lotions P50 into their skincare routine.

During the first week of use soak pre-dampen cotton pad or gauze with Lotion P50W and gently dab onto the face, neck and decollete without any rubbing. The following days soak dry cotton pad or gauze with Lotion P50W.

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