SPF50+ A-R Emulsion


Mineral SPF50+ AR Emulsion is a direct-acting high photoprotection for sensitive skin with tendency to redness. Protects against UVA, UVB, IR-A and blue light radiation. Light, easy-to-apply texture for a smooth, silky finish. Slightly tinted, with ingredients that help even skin tone and fade redness.

Active Ingredients:
– FernblockĀ®
– Tinosorb A2B to reinforce protection from UVA and visible light
– AR System: Physavie (Physalis Angulata Extract), Rosabora (Tambourissa Trichophylla Extract) and Glutathione
– Vitamin E

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50 ml

Recommended for: Sensitive skin and/or affected by redness

Use as a final step of a morning skincare routine. Reapply frequently, especially after prolonged bathing or excessive sweating.

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