EyeMax AlphaRet® Overnight Cream


Rich, silky overnight eye cream, featuring the power of AlphaRet® complex. Designed to deeply hydrate, revitalise and smooth the appearance of skin around the eye area.

Active Ingredient:
– AlphaRet®
– Niacinamide
– Acetyl Hexapeptide-37
– Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin and Jojoba Esters Complex
– Glyceryl Glucoside
– White Flower Extract
– White Mushroom Extract
– Matricaria Flower and Tocopheryl Acetate Blend
– Astaxanthin
– Alpine Extract



15 ml

Recommended for: Eye contour area affected by dryness, puffiness, lines and wrinkles, and/or darness in the skin around the eyes.

Texture: Light cream

Apply rice grain amount to clean, dry skin around the delicate under-eye area. Gently dab product, starting from the center under the eye and dabbing outward before going up to the outside of the eyebrow. Avoid upper eyelids.

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