Crème Masque Vernix


An extraordinary treatment for compromised skin. This unique product promotes epidermal reconstruction. Its regenerating active ingredients boost epidermal regeneration therefore effectively repair lipid barrier. Skin becomes revitalised, stronger and better protected.

Active Ingredients:
Regenerating Platform
– Luffa Oil
– Ceramides
Protecting Platform
– Anti-ROS and Anti-RNS Antioxidant
– Placenta Extract
– Yeast Extract

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50 ml

Recommended for: Deficient and/or Stresses Skin Instant

To use as a cream:
Apply small amount of product to the entire face, neck and decollate in the morning and/or evening.

To use as a mask:
Apply thicker layer. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Gently remove any excess with damp cotton pad or massage gently until completely absorbed

Pro Tip:
Use as an overnight mask to wake up with glowing and hydrated skin.

Add small amount of Crème Masque Vernix to your day cream for extra protection during cold months or harsh weather.