Biologique Recherche Gift Set – CRYOSTICS


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Biologique Recherche Cryosticks reduce redness by lowering skin temperature. Massage with Cryo-Sticks provide soothing and cooling effect to even the most sensitive skin.

Biologique Recherche Gant De Massage Visage can be used on all Skin Instants It helps removing dead cells and releases impurities from the epidermis during daily cleanse when combined with cleansing milk. Used with mask or cream, Gant De Massage Visage activates active ingredients contained in those products.



Gift Set composed of a pair of Cryo-Sticks and face massage glove:

– Cryo-Sticks 1 pair, and
– Gant De Massage Visage 1 glove.

Presented in a luxurious white magnetic gift box, wrapped with black & white beauty.m ribbon.